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All-natural Coconut Snacks made in Hong Kong Cocoparadise is best known for its homemade crispy coconut clusters & grain-free granolas. Born through a girl’s passion for eating and living healthier after having health issues and growing to realize her intolerances. We specialize in creating indulgent plant-based treats that use all-natural, premium ingredients free of gluten, dairy & refined sugar. Good for the body and for the planet. Swing by to discover our full range of products that can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, brunch, afternoon snack, pre/post workout, and dessert. With new specials, bundles, and gift sets for any occasion.

香港生產的全天然椰子小食 Cocoparadise以焦糖椰子脆粒、無穀物椰子果仁、生酮椰子和泰茶冰淇淋,及一系列全天然的堅果抹醬而聞名。 品牌源於一個女孩對健康飲食和生活更的熱情。他們專注於創造植物性零食,使用不含麩質、乳製品和精製糖的全天然優質成分,對身體和地球都更有益處。 歡迎你來參觀可在早餐、午餐、早午餐、下午點心、鍛煉前/鍛煉後、甜點時享用的產品,還有適合任何場合的獨家產品、套裝和禮盒。

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