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Aim Higher Club Curved Crop Top - Dusty Blue

Aim Higher Club Curved Crop Top - Dusty Blue

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#AHCcurvedCropTop is 100% 180g cotton with an ingenious curved shoulder line, optimizing the head-to-shoulder ratio and softening the shoulder line. In addition, the sleeve cuffs cover the arms making the upper body look much more slender!
The word Aim Higher Club is printed on the back of the collar, and the AHC oval logo is also on the sleeves. Both Logos are tone-on-tone, low-key, and simple.
#AHCcurvedCropTop can be styled with mid-rise or high-rise pants, from jeans to a simple maxi dress.

#AHCcurvedCropTop 以180g舒適的純棉質加搭配別出⼼裁的弧形入肩線,優化了頭肩比例,柔和肩膀線條。袖⼝有點⼩⾶袖感覺,露出纖細的下⼿臂和⼿腕,讓上
半⾝看起來能纖細許多!衣領背後印有Aim Higher Club 字樣,⼿袖也有AHC 橢圓標志,兩個Logo皆⽤上tone on tone,低調簡單,但別緻的剪裁就讓最基礎的Crop
top增加了很多設計感! #AHCcurvedCropTop 適合搭配任何中、⾼腰褲型,無論是⽜仔褲或簡單的長裙都隨性有型。

Size S: Chest 41 cm Length 45cm
Size M: Chest 43cm Length 48cm

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