Collection: Aim Higher Club

With the goal of spreading positive energy in the community, Aim Higher Club works with different muses in different projects to create products that help to share positivity. In our projects, we aim to touch people’s daily life from the clothes we wear, to the food we eat and our body and soul. Let’s being well together.

Aim Higher Club是⼀個帶領⼤家仰望美好、獲得⼒量的時尚⽣活品牌,以推出有溫度⽽有質素既 產品為⽬標,透過不同企劃,將樂觀積極的⽣活態度分享給⼤家。跟AHC⼀起做個更好嘅⼈,由衣、食、住、⾏以⾄⾝體⼼靈上,都從⾃⾝出發好好愛護⾃⼰。